by Michele Mueller, Artist
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Panes of Art
by Michele Mueller, Artist
Hand Painted Window Panes, Chalkboard Windows, Mirrored Windows, (Photo) Memory Windows, 
Barn Quilts, Sage Bundles, Reflection Chains
All Painted Images Are Copyrighted and Can Not Be Legally Duplicated.
My Story
Working full-time as an Administrative Assistant most of my adult life was right up my alley...or so I thought.  Once our son, Matthew, was born I became a stay-at-home mom...thee best job ever.  However, while being a wife and mother consumed my days and nights , in between were those few short moments where I wondered what I was doing to take care of myself - how I was meeting any, some, even just a few of my  wants and needs.  I started  longing for something that was just about me - and I found that in painting. 

I believe each old window  has a story to tell, and over time I've felt it's become my task to bring those stories to...color. Each mile I drive to retrieve a window, each piece of sand paper I use on a frame, each slide of the putty knife to each brush stroke are all part of bringing out those stories. 

To me, each story takes me back to days of living in the small village of Schuylerville, in upstate New York, and spending family weekends on my great-grandparent's farm in   Plattsburg, New York.  An old house, and old farm, old windows and a whole lot of old stories...if only those wall (and windows) could talk!

Adding to each story is a unique see-through canvas , a "window", into the past.  If you can look through any window and see the world outside as it is now then take a look into the past through these Panes of Art to read the colors, the shapes and the stories that I have chosen to share.

Thank you for visiting Panes of Art website and I sincereley hope you enjoy each story as much as I've enjoyed painting them. 

“Let there be many windows to your soul, that all the glory of the world may beautify it.”