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Panes of Art
Hand Painted Window Panes, Chalkboard Windows, Mirrored Windows, (Photo) Memory Windows, 
Barn Quilts, Sage Bundles, Reflection Chains
by Michele Mueller, Artist
Priming up all the pieces.
Our little cowboy being so patient while mommy works on the barn quilt.
The design is complete and ready for hauling to the farm!
Getting the 2 halves loaded on to the flatbed trailor.
Strapping the quilt with padding so it doesn't ruin the artwork.
Headed down the road. Slightly nerve-wrecking.
Unloaded at the farm.
Attaching the two halves together before lifting to mount.
Loading the quilt on to the cherry picker.
Up, up...
Bolting the quilt to the barn with angle irons - mounted before bringing the quilt up.
The finished product. It was an awesome day to finally see it up and how excited everyone was to see it.
Marinette Country Breakfast on the Farm, 2014 Host Family - Hartwig's Farm, 8ft x 8ft quilt
John Deere Barn Quilt painted for our neighbor, summer 2014
Menominee County Farm Bureau Breakfast on the Farm, 2015 Host Family - Shepeck Farms, 4ft x 4ft quilt
All Painted Images Are Copyrighted and Can Not Be Legally Duplicated.