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Covid-19, July 22

by Michele L. Mueller on 07/22/20

So the stress was greatly decreased once "summer vacation" got here = no more school work.  Now, as you know, many places are requiring face-masks to be wore, some cities, some states, some stores. 

Some school districts have released their back to school plans but ours hasn't just yet. I know there's a lot of anxiety as to whether or not the plan will included all in-house learning or some online learning. It would be nice to know as August is just around the corner and the start date for our school is Aug. 25. I always like to get our school shopping done ahead of time - and that includes supplies - so...I'm really chopping at the bit, as they say.

Summer is going great. Hubby is working a lot and kiddo and I are outside as much as we can be when the weather is good. We've been in the pool a LOT with all the hot weather this summer. Today and yesterday are cooler days so we can finally give the central air a break and open up the house windows.

I heard on the news today that Trump is sending troops into some cities that have been overrun by losers and thugs who are really taking over the streets with criminal activity. All the Black Lives Matters stuff has been a catalyst for good and also brought out lowlifes who are taking advantage of the subject to promote their own agendas. Cops are struggling to get a handle on all the activity so Trump is sending in reinforcements.  As long as good people don't get in the way, I'm for it. Peace and justice need to prevail for those cities, neighborhoods and for all the people and businesses there and elsewhere affected by it.

Our church has been holding outside service. I haven't gone because I don't tolerate the heat very well but I've been watching it online. I MIGHT try to go this Sunday, but the temps will determine that.

Well I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy. Another month to enjoy summer vacay then who knows what will come! 

I'll post again once I know what's happening with our school and I would love to hear what the plan is for your local school. We are all just trying to move forward in our own ways.  Hugs, Michele

May 17, 2020 - Covid-19 Pandemic

by Michele L. Mueller on 05/17/20

So the state supreme court rescinded Governor Ever's Safer at Home extension for Wisconsin. Therefore, all is back to normal before the virus was even a thing. Sure, are people asked to follow the guidelines and wear masks, wash hands and disinfect high touchable surfaces - especially for businesses...but many aren't. The grocery store was packed yesterday, no social distancing, maybe 3 masked people, lines, and the same for the outdoor restaurant seating I drove by. It was like the twilight zone! I felt as though I was the only one who had a bad nightmare about a virus and suddenly woke up! We all hear talk about the "new normal". Well...I'm here to tell ya, yesterday it was the OLD NORMAL - like nothing ever happened. One day people are scared to leave their homes and the next day...they can't get out to enough places and close enough to enough people! It was weird. 

I'm sure there are a few businesses and churches who are staying the course and sticking with the Badger Bounce Back plan, like our church. But who knows how long that will even last. I just hope nobody in my family or friend group gets sick and can't get over it. But sadly, if some people aren't affected by a death of a loved one or someone close- it doesn't seem to be real and they are out and about like there's no problem at all...or ever was. 

And don't even get me started about these "conspiracy theorists"...they try my patience, big time.

Stay Safe and healthy. -MM

May 11, 2020 - Covid-19 Pandemic

by Michele L. Mueller on 05/11/20

I have nothing new to say. Doing the same old thing just on a different day. Mother's Day was nice but uneventful. 

I need some excitement in my life soon. Kiddo and I did set up the outdoor tent inside our family room last-night and slept in there. lol  We plan to sleep in there tonight, too! It's a fun fort type thingy and something different. 

Stay healthy, MM

May 9, 2020 - Covid-19 Pandemic

by Michele L. Mueller on 05/09/20

It's been a couple of days since I blogged; I guess that means things are pretty much the same around here. We are healthy and just plugging along here in the Mueller house.

Hubby and kiddo have been leaving every Wednesday for a few days, for the past few weeks, to go turkey hunting a few hours south of here. That means they stay overnight and I've been getting some well deserved "me time". :)  It makes a big difference when we are together SO much now. The hubby is driving me nuts - if he's not needing to be babied then he's shut in the bedroom watching tv and reading every news outlet on his phone. There's no happy medium right now. The kiddo is about the same with his schoolwork - some moments are great and others are...NOT. lol   A few times he's run out of school work but it never fails - someone always drops off more schoolwork eventually. To be honest, I'm getting tired of it. lol  I would never admit that to the kiddo because I have every intention of continuing until school is normally over for the year but between us...I'M TIRED OF IT! 

Our WI governor, Tony Evers, is slowly issuing new guidelines for reopening. The State Supreme Court heard arguments against why the May 26th Safer at Home extension should be reversed...a few days ago. Nothing has been decided yet. Some people say it's because they are working on a new plan but by the time they get one together they might as well forget it because it will be the end of May then. lol  What a joke. All the fighting and the conspiracy theories. Just do what your supposed to do people and shut the hell up - I'm tired of hearing about the arguments and the contradicting news coverage and all the other nonsense. Everyone and their brother seem to think they are suddenly experts on pandemics, or a lawyer or a doctor...give your mouth a rest people. "My constitutional rights are being violated!" "We need to build up our immunity by gathering!" and it goes on and on. It's really the worse part when you haven't been sick or known anyone sick with the virus. Ha. I think the virus is making people sick in the heads with nonsense, too.

So they've opened up a testing site in Crivitz, WI. The National Guard will be there to help out. It's for people who are experiencing some symptoms. Yeah right...don't tell me people aren't going to be in line for the curiosity or to just be able to say they were tested. Okay, people. Maybe they have some guidelines in order to administer the test but people can lie so... we'll see what becomes of it.

Mother's Day is tomorrow! :)  I want to wish everyone one who reads this, if your a mom, a stepmom, a fur baby mom, a mom in the making, etc. Happy Mother's Day. May your day be as special as you are. Here's to your health and your happiness and your sanity. :)   -MM

Thursday, April 30, 2020 - Covid-19 Pandemic

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/30/20

Today is the last day of Trump's No Contact Order. However, our Governor has extended our WI Safer at Home orders until May 26th. So, we are doing this for another month. God help us.

Yesterday hubby and kiddo went turkey hunting again. They are still gone and honestly, I needed some alone time. I think I'm depressed or something. The last few days I've just barely been able to hold back the tears. I don't know why. We are healthy and doing okay. I don't know if the news is getting me down - it's all death numbers and unemployment rates and there was just a tragic news story of a doctor who survived the virus only to commit suicide. It's all just so...depressing. Sure, there are feel-good stories plugged in here and there but not enough to make a difference. 

Now the CDC are working on guidelines for ways for school to open, businesses to open, people to return to work, etc. Some seems...ridiculous. Kids in classroom have to be seated 6 feet apart and should eat lunch in their classrooms. Um...WHAT the hell is THAT going to accomplish? Their lockers are 24 inches apart in rows, they switch classrooms throughout the day, what about the bathrooms and water fountains and what about the teachers? Not to mention the buses. OMG. I am hardly able to process these thoughts, much less make sense of them. 

I worry about friends that I'm not even friends with anymore because I know they, or rather she, has a daughter-in-law who works as a nurse. I can't imagine the stress their family must be going through. 

Last night I just sat in front of the tv and drank Fireball until I felt...relaxed. That can't become a habit!  I'm sure I'm gaining weight' that's not helping anything. Then I worry about how extra weight reduced your chances of being able to breath on our own if you get the I worry eat. Everything is a vicious cycle right now. 

The weather is getting nicer and on days when we are outside I can work in the garden and flower beds and we grill out (more eating!) and I'm kinda able to forget for a minute all the anxiety in the world and inside me. 

I talked to my mom today. She lives in an apartment building full of older people. She's wearing a mask when she goes to the lobby to check the mail but she wasn't washing it or disinfecting it each night so I made sure to stress that to her.She wasn't doing a lot of things she should be doing so I lectured her on all the ways she could help herself during this ordeal. I doubt she'll do any of them...with the exception of cleaning her cloth mask now. I ended our conversation by reminding her that there's no hospital visitation so...keep that in mind.

Hubbies birthday is Monday. I'll have to go to the grocery store tomorrow for cake and cards. Not sure what we'll do for the day...guess probably spend the day outside I mean...what else CAN we do right now...

So I started another Panes of Art today. Thought that would help my mental health. It has. I've had meditation music playing on the laptop in the background so it's been peaceful. I even went outside and sat on the ground in the sun, on the south side of the house out of the gale force winds, and just breathed. It was calming and at the time I felt pretty good. Maybe I need to sage the house tomorrow morning. Yep. I think I'll do that. I might be getting all caught up in my own negative energy and inadvertently blocking any good energy from coming in. ;) But seriously. 

Okay Back to painting. I'm hoping to finish my butterfly so tomorrow I only have to work on my bird then I'll be done. :)  So, although I love my family, I'm secretly glad I have some alone time to get my head figured out while I'm painting.

Here's hoping to you being healthy and in better spirits than I am right now. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/23/20

Kiddo and hubby are out of town turkey hunting; they leave yesterday at 3. They will be back home this evening. It was nice to have some quiet "me" time. However, I've gotta tell ya...turning on the news raises my anxiety level. I cant seem to leave the news off because I want to know what's going on; I want to stay up-to-date but holy's overwhelming. Death tolls that rise every day, states opening tomorrow against everything you hear on the news...even against what Trump and the scientists recommend and set as national gateways and phases. The governors are on tv trying to justify why they are opening against all that is being recommended and why they are skipping gateways and phases. The Dems are fighting with the Republicans and politicians are arguing. Depending on what news station you watch you either get exaggerated negative coverage on Trump or you get the news station bashing other stations and other politicians.  Where's the news? Why are you inserting your personal opinion into it? I don't care what the news anchors think...I have enough of my own opinions so I don't need theirs. I want the news, the facts and ALL the news. It's just all so overwhelming! I don't know what I think of feel anymore about any of this! The dude on TV just said he stopped watching the daily covid-19 briefing because he thinks it has 2 being political and the other being scientific and the two "don't mesh" and I think we're seeing that. Yep. I agree with that statement. 

I would like to just shut the tv off and just go on with my life. But...I feel like I can't do that - what if I miss something that I need to know? I mean really...would that even happen? lol  

All I really know is that the YouTube video I watched on how to cut my hair into a long bob worked. I cut my hair today - and I used store bought box color. Even THAT stressed me out because I see all over FB..."wait for your stylist" "support your salon by waiting for us", etc.  Hey...I would like to have that luxury but my gray hair was getting me down and right now...I needed something to make me happy and that take priority, sorry salon. what if I didn't y hair will continue to grow and need to be colored throughout the rest of my life here on earth. :)  Not to long it would even take me to GET an appointment once they open. So...I cut my hair, only like...2-3 inches off the bottom, and colored it. It looks great. I feel better that I don't have gray hairs drawing my eyes to them and my split ends are gone. :)  

Now they say that there will be another wave of the virus coming in the fall...along side the flu....and how hard it will be to differentiate between the two without proper testing. So...what do I have to do this fall if I think I have one or the other? Do I get a test at the pharmacy? Do I call my doctor and go there for a test? Ugh. It feels like the world is falling apart. I don't know what is happening anymore. 

I want to get outside and work in the yard. We just had more snow and it's still cold outside. It's late in April and I know the warm weather isn't too far away so I just have to keep reminding myself of that. I do have a pair of Bluebirds nesting in one of the three houses I have so that's great news. I see them every morning and evening. Birds make me happy. I love feeding them and do all year around. I've been wanting to order one of those solar birdbath sprinklers but haven't done it yet. They aren't expensive so I don't know why I haven't ordered one yet...indecisive, I guess.

Well another Covid-19 daily briefing is starting in about 15 minutes.  It's like a bad car accident. You feel terrible but you don't look away until it's too late.

Stay healthy. -MM

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - Covid-19 Pandemic

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/21/20

All in all we are doing just fine here in the Mueller household. We are healthy and are, for the most part, keeping our sanity in tack. Yesterday was rather sweet for me. The hubby helped the kiddo with his math homework! :) It was nice to have him participate so I was able to take a break from my worst subject...MATH. We joked that Mr. Mueller was now Matthew's new math teacher. :) Mr. Mueller is at work so I'm back at it. Thank goodness for the teacher's answer key so even when I haven't got a clue or a memory of how to solve the problem...I can usually figure it out with her key. USUALLY...not always. Last week I was just at my wits end with this common core crap. Why must there by 5 ways from sundown on how to complete this one division problem?! Thank goodness there was a video explaining those ways...then kiddo understood the worksheet. I had to pretend because I STILL didn't get it! I really did fake like I got it but for real...I didn't! I just long as YOU get it then we are good! Now, do your worksheet. lol

Fortunately, next year kiddo will have the same teachers for 7th grade that he's had for 6th grade. So, he's lucky because they already said that they will review and bring the kiddos up to date on things they missed this school year. 

Anyway...kiddo and hubby are going turkey hunting on Wednesday so it will be a short home learning week. That also means that I'll be getting a good bottle of wine and something yummy to eat while they are gone. :)  And...of course, finishing up a painting and maybe even starting another one....that always makes me happy and calm. 

Here's to your health. -MM

Friday, April 17, 2020 - Coronavirus Pandemic

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/17/20

Yep, yesterday Governor Evers made the official announcement that school is cancelled for the rest of this school year. Um...NOOOO!!! Yep. I'm all in but the stress when the kiddo complains about having to do school work drives me INSANE. He gets good reviews during each parent/teacher conference; "he's a sweetheart; he's a good friend to everyone; he likes to talk; his focus sometimes is lacking; I love having him in class; he participates, etc."  Well guess test their parents. They get mouthy and argumentative and fuss and cry, etc. It's the same but different. Then I get stressed out because we just started and I'm having to argue with my kid because of his complaining and not spending that time getting his work done. It makes the whole entire situation feel overwhelming for him and myself.

Am I terrible parent? Did I actually raise a kid who is acting like this? What did I do wrong? Self doubt is drowning me. Then, when he's standing in the corner and his computer has been taken away for the rest of the day and we both feel terrible...he decides he's going to get to work and apologize for acting up. WHAT? Like...why do it to begin with?! Just behave and get your work done. That's all I'm asking. I'm here to help him through whatever he needs, I even fix him snack plates and everything to keep him happy and productive. I feel like I'm doing all I can and he still has to upset the situation before he even begins sometimes? WHY? Because he's a kid, I guess. Because he's going through a lot, too, I'm sure. Because we aren't perfect. Because he has bad moments just like the rest of us. He's testing the waters to see what he can get away with - it's normal. Now I just have to keep reminding myself of that. I'm the adult here. I don't need to add to his stress. I need to help him sort it out; we can sort it out together. If there's a lesson to be learned through all of this it' good to one another; support each other; don't add to the stress; be loving and understanding and help each other be a better version of ourselves.

Now I have to go talk to him and check in with his emotions. Dang...the love we have for our kids keeps us grounded AND insane all at the same time! It's the toughest job ever but the benefits are life altering and worth it all.


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/14/20

Not much new happening here. Easter weekend hubby and kiddo went out of town for the youth turkey hunt. No worries, they went on our friend's land down south and stayed in a shack in the woods. No contact with anyone other than each other. I packed them a cooler with lots of food, a big jug of water and they had everything they needed. While they were gone I was able to work on a new Panes of Art for a customer. It was peaceful and relaxing and after about 1 hour I wished they were back home. lol The great seafood and wine I bought helped me through my loneliness so I managed until they returned the afternoon of Easter Sunday. I had a nice ham dinner and all the fixings waiting for them when they walked in the door. We did an Easter egg hunt the next morning. 

We also had a snow storm that night. A fresh new 6 inches of snow on the ground - after it was all bare. So now the whole hanging out at home during this pandemic is really not fun as we are now stuck inside again. The good news is that it's supposed to be upper 50s by this weekend, so the snow won't last long and we can again get back outside.

School work packets were delivered last Thursday...mostly math - my LEAST favorite subject. Numbers and me are NOT friends and in fact have a very tumultuous relationship and have since 3rd grade when I was out sick for over a month with Mono. It was the only subject I fell behind in and since have felt nothing but fear when it comes to math. So, now I have to manage a way to HIDE that deep down while smiling and guiding my kid through his math assignments. Deep breaths and I'll fake it till I make it, I guess! Fortunately, our smart math teacher included an "answer key" and showed her work! :)  So, I should be able to fumble through it okay. We are fortunate to have good internet connection so kiddo is able to watch and complete most of his work online at the PC. 

I have to admit...getting back into the school work mode today isn't easy. Kiddo and hubby left town on Thursday evening so no school work on Friday, through the weekend or yesterday (Monday). I thought for sure kiddo would be giving me a much harder time this morning but he seems good. I do think that even though kids want to be lazy or just do fun stuff, they appreciate and need structure - and so do I for the most part. 

So no news on if school is going to start back up in Wisconsin yet for this school year. If I had to guess I'd say no more school until fall. Time will tell. 

I do worry about all my family in upstate NY but know they are following all the guidelines. 

Well I hope everyone is staying healthy and not struggling with the open fridge door as much as we are here! I swear...I'm in a constant state of fullness! lol 


Monday, April 6, 2020

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/06/20

The grocery store saga..ugh. It was terrible. I was slightly nervous on the way there but I had all my supplies with me. As I drove south, I started to notice all these trucks with campers heading north. Um...why are people coming north with their campers? Are these weekenders heading up here when they've been asked to stay home? What's happening? Where are they coming from? Now my nerves are starting to kick in more. I get to the grocery store, list in hand and as I'm parking I see all these out of state licence plates. I'm really wondering if we can live without milk and bread and any other stuff I have on my grocery list. Is it worth it? If people who are told to stay in their own state are heading north to their cabins and land..what germs are they bringing with them?

I had to call my husband to kind of recenter myself and calm down. I understand the feeling of wanting to bring yourself and your family north to where you might feel safer and more protected - who wouldn't feel that. But do you have to stop at every store along the way? Can't you just get the groceries you need in your own town and drive straight through unless you NEED gas? 
Don't you think it would be safer for US already living north as well as for YOUR family?  Come north if you must but please...don't stop. Get to your destination and stay there.

I went inside the store very aware of my surroundings. Yep, there's the cart sanitizer but no wipes to use it with. Okay...not very effective so I better go ask for more wipes so I can use the cart sanitizer. Inside the store everyone pretty much kept their distance except for an older woman who must have felt the need to talk so she shared her creamed peas recipe with one store clerk. I shared with her that I've never felt so much anxiety just going to the grocery store and about all the campers and out of state licences plates in the parking lot. She replied, "I know...why do you think we've been so busy? They are coming north non-stop."  GASP! Gee...thanks lady. Are YOU going to give me CPR now or do you need to glove up first?! 

I kept it moving and saw a lot of cleaning at the checkouts, lots of wiping down after each customer, etc. At least THAT was reassuring. I unloaded my groceries into my car and away I went. I was never so glad to get out of a store than I was that day. 

Friday was good, the weekend was great as we were outside a lot. Today kiddo is free from school work - other than reading - because he's with hubby doing some turkey hunting prep for this weekend. So, it's been quiet but stressful due to my own attempt to over achieve. No need to go into further details as my stress level has lowered and I'd like to keep it that way.

So tomorrow we'll be back at the school work. Some time early this week the teachers will be dropping off new work packets at homes for the kids. Good thing because we are running low - said no kid EVER. lol But we are. I'm so proud of our teachers. They are really reaching out and offering help and assistance all the time so there's a real connection that can't be seen but you know it's there so it's comforting.

Today is the first day I didn't watch the COVID-19 task force update. I wonder if there's anything new. I'll have to turn on FoxNews in a bit. 

I worked on a painting today for a bit. I'm in the artwork planning phase. I know what I want to include but deciding where to place everything takes time. Plus, I have to add another finish coat to the frame. We're expecting rain so it will be the perfect inside work to do. :)  Painting makes me happy and relaxed.

So that's this families latest and greatest. We are sticking close to home and spending a lot of time outside. We go out for essentials and hubby for work. Our church is plugging along. I wanted to do some sidewalk chalk outside there on the sidewalk with inspirational quotes, psalms and bible stories in the squares but that was met with some resistance and it just wore me down. It didn't take much as I already feel this disconnect. I think the devil creeps in when he feels like he doesn't have a good hold and he will try to tear you down in any way and by any means. Well...I don't mean to let him win but I'm not sure I have the strength right now to fight him over this. I might just have to come up with an even BETTER idea or...just let it go all together. I guess this is the week to defeat him, if ever a week. :)

Have a great Holy Week. -MM

by Michele Mueller, Artist
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