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Covid-19, July 22

by Michele L. Mueller on 07/22/20

So the stress was greatly decreased once "summer vacation" got here = no more school work.  Now, as you know, many places are requiring face-masks to be wore, some cities, some states, some stores. 

Some school districts have released their back to school plans but ours hasn't just yet. I know there's a lot of anxiety as to whether or not the plan will included all in-house learning or some online learning. It would be nice to know as August is just around the corner and the start date for our school is Aug. 25. I always like to get our school shopping done ahead of time - and that includes supplies - so...I'm really chopping at the bit, as they say.

Summer is going great. Hubby is working a lot and kiddo and I are outside as much as we can be when the weather is good. We've been in the pool a LOT with all the hot weather this summer. Today and yesterday are cooler days so we can finally give the central air a break and open up the house windows.

I heard on the news today that Trump is sending troops into some cities that have been overrun by losers and thugs who are really taking over the streets with criminal activity. All the Black Lives Matters stuff has been a catalyst for good and also brought out lowlifes who are taking advantage of the subject to promote their own agendas. Cops are struggling to get a handle on all the activity so Trump is sending in reinforcements.  As long as good people don't get in the way, I'm for it. Peace and justice need to prevail for those cities, neighborhoods and for all the people and businesses there and elsewhere affected by it.

Our church has been holding outside service. I haven't gone because I don't tolerate the heat very well but I've been watching it online. I MIGHT try to go this Sunday, but the temps will determine that.

Well I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy. Another month to enjoy summer vacay then who knows what will come! 

I'll post again once I know what's happening with our school and I would love to hear what the plan is for your local school. We are all just trying to move forward in our own ways.  Hugs, Michele

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by Michele Mueller, Artist
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