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Monday, April 6, 2020

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/06/20

The grocery store saga..ugh. It was terrible. I was slightly nervous on the way there but I had all my supplies with me. As I drove south, I started to notice all these trucks with campers heading north. Um...why are people coming north with their campers? Are these weekenders heading up here when they've been asked to stay home? What's happening? Where are they coming from? Now my nerves are starting to kick in more. I get to the grocery store, list in hand and as I'm parking I see all these out of state licence plates. I'm really wondering if we can live without milk and bread and any other stuff I have on my grocery list. Is it worth it? If people who are told to stay in their own state are heading north to their cabins and land..what germs are they bringing with them?

I had to call my husband to kind of recenter myself and calm down. I understand the feeling of wanting to bring yourself and your family north to where you might feel safer and more protected - who wouldn't feel that. But do you have to stop at every store along the way? Can't you just get the groceries you need in your own town and drive straight through unless you NEED gas? 
Don't you think it would be safer for US already living north as well as for YOUR family?  Come north if you must but please...don't stop. Get to your destination and stay there.

I went inside the store very aware of my surroundings. Yep, there's the cart sanitizer but no wipes to use it with. Okay...not very effective so I better go ask for more wipes so I can use the cart sanitizer. Inside the store everyone pretty much kept their distance except for an older woman who must have felt the need to talk so she shared her creamed peas recipe with one store clerk. I shared with her that I've never felt so much anxiety just going to the grocery store and about all the campers and out of state licences plates in the parking lot. She replied, "I know...why do you think we've been so busy? They are coming north non-stop."  GASP! Gee...thanks lady. Are YOU going to give me CPR now or do you need to glove up first?! 

I kept it moving and saw a lot of cleaning at the checkouts, lots of wiping down after each customer, etc. At least THAT was reassuring. I unloaded my groceries into my car and away I went. I was never so glad to get out of a store than I was that day. 

Friday was good, the weekend was great as we were outside a lot. Today kiddo is free from school work - other than reading - because he's with hubby doing some turkey hunting prep for this weekend. So, it's been quiet but stressful due to my own attempt to over achieve. No need to go into further details as my stress level has lowered and I'd like to keep it that way.

So tomorrow we'll be back at the school work. Some time early this week the teachers will be dropping off new work packets at homes for the kids. Good thing because we are running low - said no kid EVER. lol But we are. I'm so proud of our teachers. They are really reaching out and offering help and assistance all the time so there's a real connection that can't be seen but you know it's there so it's comforting.

Today is the first day I didn't watch the COVID-19 task force update. I wonder if there's anything new. I'll have to turn on FoxNews in a bit. 

I worked on a painting today for a bit. I'm in the artwork planning phase. I know what I want to include but deciding where to place everything takes time. Plus, I have to add another finish coat to the frame. We're expecting rain so it will be the perfect inside work to do. :)  Painting makes me happy and relaxed.

So that's this families latest and greatest. We are sticking close to home and spending a lot of time outside. We go out for essentials and hubby for work. Our church is plugging along. I wanted to do some sidewalk chalk outside there on the sidewalk with inspirational quotes, psalms and bible stories in the squares but that was met with some resistance and it just wore me down. It didn't take much as I already feel this disconnect. I think the devil creeps in when he feels like he doesn't have a good hold and he will try to tear you down in any way and by any means. Well...I don't mean to let him win but I'm not sure I have the strength right now to fight him over this. I might just have to come up with an even BETTER idea or...just let it go all together. I guess this is the week to defeat him, if ever a week. :)

Have a great Holy Week. -MM

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