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Thursday, April 2, 2020

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/02/20

Yep. Stress level super high. It takes a lot less energy to do what your supposed to do when you're supposed to do it then it does to argue about why you shouldn't have to do it, get in trouble and then end up having to do it anyway. Am I right? 

It wears me OUT. 

On another note, I have to venture out to the grocery store. I'm happy to get out but...I keep going over in my mind how I'm going to approach this: do I bring Lysol into the store? Will they think I stole it?! Do I bring a disinfectant wipe(s)? Will they be out at the store entrance by the carts? Do I spray myself down after I leave the store before I get into my car? If I get 3 gallons of milk (which we usually always get, 2 or 3) are people going to think I'm hoarding? How do I stand at the check out - back 6 ft? then how do pay? Will I look weird that I'm wiping down the credit card thingy before I touch it? Ugh! It's all too much. Hard to remember the days when we didn't give any of this a second thought. 

I switched from CNN to FoxNews from now on. CNN started limiting their daily briefing coverage (cutting out the beginning Trump spiel). I don't like them choosing for me. If I wanna watch it then I want the option and they eliminated that option for me so I are so anti-Trump that all their commentary is so one-sided. This coming from a non-Trump supporter so...  It's like they felt the viewer wasn't smart enough to decide on their own what to take into consideration and what to ignore. I know Trump add a lot of fluff to his talks - I know he's self absorbed - I can filter through that and still hear the words that mean something. CNN gets so hung up on the fluff and self absorption that they miss the couple of good things he did say. I'd rather just listen to Fox News where they seem to be a little bit more down the middle.

Anyway...back to helping this kid FOCUS and quietly planning my store approach. Stay safe and healthy.


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