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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/01/20

Yep, it's a trying morning already. Oh...and Happy April. ;)  Here's what it boils down to...I could care less what my mood's when the kiddo's mood sucks is when it all goes downhill like cement in a wagon. FOCUS. I have said that word at least 400 times since last week...over and over and over. ugh! When he gets with's great. It's getting him to that point that tries my patience. And if I have to ask him one more time...WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS SAY; I CAN'T READ IT; WHAT IS THIS WORD? I'm going to stab myself in the eye with a pencil. Lol  WRITE SLOWER, TAKE YOUR TIME, USE YOUR BEST HAND-WRITING. I think I might just make a crap load of signage and hold each up at the appropriate time. It would be easier on my nerves. ;)  Thank goodness I love that kid with all that I have...

Hubby is working today. At least that's one less obstacle I have to deal with. It's like having 2 kids home..."Babe, what's the eat? Babe, where my..... Babe, smell it any good?" Can you PLEASE stop interrupting so I can stop telling our kiddo to FOCUS every 5 seconds? Lol 

On a brighter note, I have a very large bottle of Fireball and that my friends is always in the back of my mind giving me a small light at the end of the day's tunnel. ;) 

More good news...we are all healthy and well fed. I'm super thankful that my family are hunters and we have all the meat in the freezer we could hope for. Today I have wild turkey breast in the crock-pot, even. 

I also have a wonderful customer from Colorado who ordered a window so that will be a nice creative distraction. I have a half painted window here for a niece that I need to complete. She loves Jack Skeleton so it's only black and white...but I plan to add black sparkles to all the black. It should be pretty cool once I finish it. I'll post it on my Facebook page. :)

Well...time for migraine meds. Everyday lately. I need to revisit my chiropractor. I'm just not sure if now is the time to do that or not. I suppose I should at least call and see if they are even in the office anymore during this virus. 

I hope you are all happy and healthy and at the very least...coping and healthy. :)   -MM

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by Michele Mueller, Artist
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