by Michele L. Mueller on 03/11/13

We've all see that hardware on a door, window or piece of furniture that has years of caked on, layered paint. Sometimes I just wonder what the hardware looked like BEFORE all that paint. Oh, I'm not even going to pretend I haven't added my own layers here and there but I always think to myself, am I hiding a gem here?

I've used paint stripper, as I'm sure many of you have, so I don't have to tell you what a mess, and burn, that process can be. So, more often than not, I leave the painted hardware or sometimes even replace it. Well...not anymore. I haven't actually tried this method but sounds easy enough and I just happen to have an old, smaller crock pot we don't use anymore.

How to Remove Paint From Hardware

Click here for more details and a few good tips:


by Michele L. Mueller on 03/04/13

We've all seen those old tin ceiling tiles...some still in old buildings in town and others for sale at antique shops, etc. I love those tiles - especially the white ones - ya know..."shabby chic" kinda thingy. Here's a great website using items from the...wait for it...Dollar make your own faux tin tiles...and in any color(s) you like. I'm totally going to do this...someday (with the exception of the cork board...I think I can come up with a way to display them that is

faux tin tiles from cookie sheets / suzys artsy craftsy sitcom

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial:


by Michele L. Mueller on 03/02/13

I don't know about your husband, but I do know MY husband and he can't help himself when it comes to keeping excess wood, old 2x4s, and every other size he's used in one project or another; all those left over pieces are sitting somewhere in the yard tree line in a big pile. However, in that pile there are also a few old wooden pallets. My thought was to burn them one of these spring or fall days...until now. There are so many cool ideas for upcycling old wood pallets...and for once...I'm grateful that my husband has some "hoarding" tendencies! ;)


by Michele L. Mueller on 02/27/13

Every spring I plant and tend to my herbs all summer long. I love growing sage, lavendar and rosemary then I cut and bundle my own cleansing smudge sticks. I'm not going to blog about that because I actually have a page here at my website where I've already "talked" about it.

Last year, I cut my herbs and brought them inside to hang and dry. At the time, I wasn't sure WHERE I was going to hang them, so I fashioned them to an overhang in our kitchen. However, THIS year I'm totally going to use that old wooden ladder outside instead! This is a great idea and it's just another piece of "junk" I can get out off the ground and put to good use. It would be gorgeous with a ton of drying flowers hanging, too!

I believe here they screwed one side to the wall and wrapped the other side with chains that from the wall but this could also be suspended from a ceiling on the porch or somewhere inside the barn or house.


by Michele L. Mueller on 02/26/13

Have you ever seen these Pottery Barn Mason Jar Chandeliers before? They are gorgeous and somewhat pricey. Lord knows...I love the "gorgeous" part more than the "pricey" part so here's a great website I found with step-by-step d.i.y. instructions to make one of these beauts for your own home... for a LOT less than Pottery Barn can sell you one for. :) 


Click here to find out more:


by Michele L. Mueller on 02/25/13

 Finding used items to use as headboards is nothing new. However, some of these ideas are certainly new to me - pillows? Check out this great website where you'll find 20 more ideas for cool headboards. Click here:



by Michele L. Mueller on 02/25/13

I'm always on the lookout for a great shelf idea and one that's inexpensive and creative like this is right up my alley. Book shelves Personally, I would change, or paint, the brackets but if these match your decor or you tend to fancy them all means...leave them! I'm sure old books can be picked up at any Goodwill or second hand store and if you can't find colors you want then hot glue your favorite colored material to them.  For step-by-step instructions click here:


by Michele L. Mueller on 02/20/13

With February nearing the end... just around the corner are the 2 months that make the wait of the cold winter all worth it, the time when the snow starts to melt and then we're belted with that one last snow storm... March & April. I spend a  lot of time during those months thinking about, and planning out, our family veggie garden. I love planting the staples from roma tomatoes - I make and can a lot of homemade marinara sauce, to new things we try every year, last year okra - sometimes they work - sometimes they don't...okra didn't. 

There are a lot of you who like to start your seeds indoors beforehand. Other don't always have the time or the space (or in some cases even the desire) to tend to a large garden but still want fresh herbs without having to run to the farmers market or grocery store everytime they need them.'s the answer. I absolutely love this idea! Even if you decide not to mount them to the wall...any sun facing window sill will do!   For directions on this great spring project click here: 


by Michele L. Mueller on 02/18/13

Okay, maybe not "walking" but how about decorating with eggshells?

Eggshell Candles - Melissa Howard

Here's a great idea for some Easter decor. I've used mason jars and many other items to house a lit candle but this Easter I'm definately going to try this idea. How cute would they be on an dinner table, mantel or even a kitchen window sill?

For step by step directions click here:


by Michele L. Mueller on 02/15/13

We can dress up just about anything and make it look better than it was (except our neighbor, we can't seem to do much with him no matter how hard we try - kidding!)

Let's face it...we've all been there...that old hand-me-down dresser from our parents when we first moved out on our own - heck...mine is still in storage collecting dust (and who knows what else!). It's been my intention to get rid of the old piece of...dresser...but something kept telling me, "Michele. This is a gem. KEEP IT." That voice gets the best of me everytime - trust me...ask my husband...he's not impressed with that voice. Although, he has accepted that it's here to stay.

After speaking recently to a new friend who also has a "thing" for old dressers, I decided it was time to post this little idea. Perhaps you will find some inspiration in it as I'm sure Stacie will.

To read more about how to turn your old dresser into a new treasure click here:

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