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by Michele L. Mueller on 02/27/14



by Michele L. Mueller on 02/16/14

Succulent garden built in an old window frame

I love this idea. It would be the perfect compliment by a deck or patio or on the side of an old potting shed. I don't know if herbs can be grown like this but if I were to consider doing this project...I'd try to find a way (can't get enough herbs!).

Click here to view the tutorial on how to create this project:




by Michele L. Mueller on 01/23/14

As I look outside at the sun shining on the COLD BLOWING SNOW I am wishing for spring more and more every day. I'm tired of below zero weather and wind chills that reach -25. People in my area and surrounding rural towns are running low, and even OUT, of propane and I'm sure THEY are ready for some warmer temps, too. This feels like the harshest winter we've had in a looong time.

At least I can escape all this while I day dream about spring and working in my garden. I love my garden gate but I'm always looking for something different to spruce things up a bit. The idea below is right up my alley. What a great and cute idea to use an old door and a set of matching windows for your garden, or patio, entrance. This idea reminds me...we should never to turn down and old door, even if we have NO idea at the time what we're going to do with it....TAKE THE DARN DOOR! :)

Here's the website, incase you want to read about it further:   Enjoy!


by Michele L. Mueller on 01/14/14

As I sit here this morning in front of the computer with my cup of coffee, with a splash of homemade Irish Cream, my mind keeps wandering between the 3-5 inches of predicted snow today and my flower/herb garden. Ugh. This always seems to be the time of year when my mind keeps ending up outside, regardless of the winter temps and snow pack.

I should really go out and select a window to work on - I've got the most adorable 4-paned windows, but I know once I work on them then it won't be long before they are gone... and right now I enjoy having them around too much to see them go.  Or...maybe I'm just not ready to pick up my brushes today...? It's weird how somedays I'm flooded with ideas and inspiration and other days it's just the opposite. Guess I might need another cup of coffee. ; )

I hope everyone has a great day and's perfectly normal to have a "creativity block" every once in awhile...right? For me, it just takes some time to pass while I think and do other things. I don't like over-stressing about it because I believe, for me anyway, that prolongs it. I think I'll also sage the house today, after hubby goes to work. That usually seems to help, too. I would love to hear about the ways you jump start your creativity - if you're in the mood for sharing. :)

Now...where's that coffee... :) -Michele



by Michele L. Mueller on 01/13/14

I was just browsing through my site, checking the format, the fonts, etc. when I decided to take a break from that and read through all the Guestbook entries. Can I just tell you that I teared up while I was reading them? Everyone has SUCH kind word of encouragement for me. I can truely say and all are so special to me and I love you. You should know that you inspire ME to keep painting, to keep creating and to not allow my doubts to hinder that process. Thank you for that. Thank you to those past and present customers who have taken the time to write such great reviews. I do believe that potential customers are encouraged by your experiences and thank you again for sharing. One of the best parts of doing what I do is getting to communicate with some wonderful people and "yes"...this includes YOU. :)  Thank you!

Hugs, Michele


by Michele L. Mueller on 01/13/14

Okay. I love this project because there's only 3-4 things needed, one of them being something to hang it with. Also, it's something that can be made for VERY little cost, if any (depending on what you have laying around) and it can be started and completed in like...2 seconds. ;) This would also be neat to have on the deck near a patio set, or...ON a patio mounted to a post!

Here's the website to check out more details regarding this project, and others:


by Michele L. Mueller on 01/10/14

Wow...I have not blogged in a LONG time! What's UP with that? Wish I had an answer for you but I don't...I have excuses, but I doubt you want to hear THOSE. ;)

I hope everyone's new year is off to a creative start. Remember, it's healthy for you to create - and I don't just mean create with arts & crafts. Creativity can happen from the kitchen to the garden and it's ALL relaxing. Although, if you live anywhere like me...our gardens are under a deep layer of snow and frost at the moment! Guess it's the kitchen for now! ;)

I'm going to keep this entry short and sweet...I don't want to strain myself...after typing fingers must slowly work into this. I promise to have more informative and meaningful entries soon. Actually, I can't wait to start browsing for more unique and creative projects to inspire us. :)  Until then...have a wonderful weekend and... be creative!



by Michele L. Mueller on 04/08/13

Check out this website for step-by-step instructions on how to create this project:


by Michele L. Mueller on 03/25/13

With Spring yard work comes trimming the apple trees and other branches around the yard back - we can't have them remaining all scraggley and scaring the neighbors now, can we. So, why not put them to good use... instead of tossing them into the firepit or the woods... they are good for so much more! 

Here's a great website with some fun and simple ideas on how to incorporate the natural beauty of wood into your decor: 


by Michele L. Mueller on 03/18/13

I love anything that's creative, colorful and that I can "hide" in my gardens or along the yard's edge...ya know...where you can't really see it until you look closely... like, that frog hiding underneath the plants.  If they are pieces I can make myself then I love them even more because that usually means a "money-saver", too <---another one of my favorite things.

Here's a great website with step-by-step tutorials on how to make mosaics for  that special spot in your garden:

How To Mosaic Art

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