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Panes of Art
Hand Painted Window Panes, Chalkboard Windows, Mirrored Windows, (Photo) Memory Windows, 
Barn Quilts, Sage Bundles, Reflection Chains
by Michele Mueller, Artist
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"Family" Memory Window
Price, USD: $90
Shipping: $85
TOTAL: $175
Status: Available
Size (inches): 27 1/5h x 29 1/5w
Media: Paint on Glass
NOTE: Photos here are for display only. These will be removed to make room for you to add your photos.
Kendall & Jamison Wedding Memory Window
Price, USD: 
Status: SOLD
Size (inches): 31 1/4"h x 27 3/4"w
Media: Paint on Glass
NOTE: Design created by friend's of bride & groom.
Elizabeth & Nathaniel Wedding Memory Window
Price, USD: 
Status: SOLD
Size (inches): 
Media: Paint on Glass
New Baby: Girl (OR boy) Birth Memory Window
Price, USD: $155.00
Status: SOLD
Size (inches): 
Media: Paint on Glass
NOTE: We can substitute any design for the ballet slippers - colors can be changed, etc. This is just ONE example of what can be created for you and your family.
New Baby: TWINS Memory Window
Price, USD: $310.00
Size (inches): 
Media: Paint on Glass
NOTE: Just one example. Border, colors, poem, picture placement, etc. can be  changed to match your vision for your special MEMORY WINDOW. Excellent gift idea for any occassion!
Panes of Art Memory Windows, with or without your photographs,  are designed with ANY special occasion in mind: weddings, anniversaries, graduations, celebration of one's life, or hobbies, quotations, prayers, etc.  These can be given as gifts, displayed at events or simply designed with you and your family in mind.

Memory Window can be given as an early wedding present so the happy bride & groom to-be can display the piece at their wedding and/or reception or new parents can have a treaured keepsake as they welcome their new bundle of joy into the family. The possibilities are as endless as the touching moments in our lives.

I'm happy to design a special and unique Memory Window for you because if you're anything like's not the amount of moments in our lives that count but how those moments count in our lives; and these are times to be remembered.  I can match the frame finish to your decor. It can be a solid finish or I can make the finish look vintage. I can ship you the ordered frame (with or without artwork) and you can insert your photos yourself (most chain stores can resize your pics for a minimal price!). Upon shipping your piece I'll include instructions on how to attach your pics so they can be easily removed and updated without damaging your photos.
Panes of Art Memory Windows without phots
Panes of Art Memory Windows with photos
Panes of Art Memory Windows with photos and artwork
If you don't see what you're looking for then email me your idea and together we can create a piece designed around what you have in mind. Let's make your vision into a special Panes of Art Memory Window that you can cherish for a lifetime.