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Day 2 of Schooling at Home

by Michele L. Mueller on 03/19/20

I actually got some good sleep last night. I think the thought of the new norm has started to sink in. This morning I was able to get all of kiddo's school materials organized and set up for him so he can easily access it all. That really helped...getting everything helped my brain feel less confused and overwhelmed. 

Kiddo knew that our working hours would be from 9:30 am - 1:30 pm and then at 3 pm CST we were gonna have a "zoology class" by watching the Cincinnati Zoo Live Feed where they showcase a zoo animal and teach you all about it then issue an activity at the end for kids to do. Today was a 2-toed sloth...he was SO adorable. ;)  

Kiddo and I joked quite a bit last night and this morning about what we were gonna consider a learning class and what research papers he was going to have to produce so having a sense of humor about it helped lighten the weight of this task for us. 

So I'd say today is about 85% better than yesterday was. I think we are starting to settle in and find our way to finding a groove. Kiddo didn't baulk too much at anything he did today so that was nice. was a big change for me having him here all day! He's so loud sometimes! lol  

I'm hoping that tomorrow we can get outside for some fresh air and physical activity..being cooped up in this house isn't good for either one of us. Today its been raining all day so it was very good to be inside getting work done.

Kolh's is closed now. Florida is closing beaches. U.S State Dept. notified Americans to return home or "shelter in place for duration" if they are out of the country.  I'm struggling with watching the news constantly or not watching it at all. I feel like I might miss something important if I stop watching and when I do watch I feel my stress level heightening. The coverage is overwhelming.

Im hoping tomorrow is just as good of a day for us in the Mueller institute of higher learning as today was. Fingers crossed. 

I hope everyone out there is fairing through this okay. They keep saying it will get worse before it gets better. I don't know if I believe that but I'm all for prepping for the worse and hoping for the best! :)  

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by Michele Mueller, Artist
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