Thursday, April 23, 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic : IDEAS, THOUGHTS AND THINGS TO INSPIRE US
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Thursday, April 23, 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/23/20

Kiddo and hubby are out of town turkey hunting; they leave yesterday at 3. They will be back home this evening. It was nice to have some quiet "me" time. However, I've gotta tell ya...turning on the news raises my anxiety level. I cant seem to leave the news off because I want to know what's going on; I want to stay up-to-date but holy's overwhelming. Death tolls that rise every day, states opening tomorrow against everything you hear on the news...even against what Trump and the scientists recommend and set as national gateways and phases. The governors are on tv trying to justify why they are opening against all that is being recommended and why they are skipping gateways and phases. The Dems are fighting with the Republicans and politicians are arguing. Depending on what news station you watch you either get exaggerated negative coverage on Trump or you get the news station bashing other stations and other politicians.  Where's the news? Why are you inserting your personal opinion into it? I don't care what the news anchors think...I have enough of my own opinions so I don't need theirs. I want the news, the facts and ALL the news. It's just all so overwhelming! I don't know what I think of feel anymore about any of this! The dude on TV just said he stopped watching the daily covid-19 briefing because he thinks it has 2 being political and the other being scientific and the two "don't mesh" and I think we're seeing that. Yep. I agree with that statement. 

I would like to just shut the tv off and just go on with my life. But...I feel like I can't do that - what if I miss something that I need to know? I mean really...would that even happen? lol  

All I really know is that the YouTube video I watched on how to cut my hair into a long bob worked. I cut my hair today - and I used store bought box color. Even THAT stressed me out because I see all over FB..."wait for your stylist" "support your salon by waiting for us", etc.  Hey...I would like to have that luxury but my gray hair was getting me down and right now...I needed something to make me happy and that take priority, sorry salon. what if I didn't y hair will continue to grow and need to be colored throughout the rest of my life here on earth. :)  Not to long it would even take me to GET an appointment once they open. So...I cut my hair, only like...2-3 inches off the bottom, and colored it. It looks great. I feel better that I don't have gray hairs drawing my eyes to them and my split ends are gone. :)  

Now they say that there will be another wave of the virus coming in the fall...along side the flu....and how hard it will be to differentiate between the two without proper testing. So...what do I have to do this fall if I think I have one or the other? Do I get a test at the pharmacy? Do I call my doctor and go there for a test? Ugh. It feels like the world is falling apart. I don't know what is happening anymore. 

I want to get outside and work in the yard. We just had more snow and it's still cold outside. It's late in April and I know the warm weather isn't too far away so I just have to keep reminding myself of that. I do have a pair of Bluebirds nesting in one of the three houses I have so that's great news. I see them every morning and evening. Birds make me happy. I love feeding them and do all year around. I've been wanting to order one of those solar birdbath sprinklers but haven't done it yet. They aren't expensive so I don't know why I haven't ordered one yet...indecisive, I guess.

Well another Covid-19 daily briefing is starting in about 15 minutes.  It's like a bad car accident. You feel terrible but you don't look away until it's too late.

Stay healthy. -MM

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