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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

by Michele L. Mueller on 04/14/20

Not much new happening here. Easter weekend hubby and kiddo went out of town for the youth turkey hunt. No worries, they went on our friend's land down south and stayed in a shack in the woods. No contact with anyone other than each other. I packed them a cooler with lots of food, a big jug of water and they had everything they needed. While they were gone I was able to work on a new Panes of Art for a customer. It was peaceful and relaxing and after about 1 hour I wished they were back home. lol The great seafood and wine I bought helped me through my loneliness so I managed until they returned the afternoon of Easter Sunday. I had a nice ham dinner and all the fixings waiting for them when they walked in the door. We did an Easter egg hunt the next morning. 

We also had a snow storm that night. A fresh new 6 inches of snow on the ground - after it was all bare. So now the whole hanging out at home during this pandemic is really not fun as we are now stuck inside again. The good news is that it's supposed to be upper 50s by this weekend, so the snow won't last long and we can again get back outside.

School work packets were delivered last Thursday...mostly math - my LEAST favorite subject. Numbers and me are NOT friends and in fact have a very tumultuous relationship and have since 3rd grade when I was out sick for over a month with Mono. It was the only subject I fell behind in and since have felt nothing but fear when it comes to math. So, now I have to manage a way to HIDE that deep down while smiling and guiding my kid through his math assignments. Deep breaths and I'll fake it till I make it, I guess! Fortunately, our smart math teacher included an "answer key" and showed her work! :)  So, I should be able to fumble through it okay. We are fortunate to have good internet connection so kiddo is able to watch and complete most of his work online at the PC. 

I have to admit...getting back into the school work mode today isn't easy. Kiddo and hubby left town on Thursday evening so no school work on Friday, through the weekend or yesterday (Monday). I thought for sure kiddo would be giving me a much harder time this morning but he seems good. I do think that even though kids want to be lazy or just do fun stuff, they appreciate and need structure - and so do I for the most part. 

So no news on if school is going to start back up in Wisconsin yet for this school year. If I had to guess I'd say no more school until fall. Time will tell. 

I do worry about all my family in upstate NY but know they are following all the guidelines. 

Well I hope everyone is staying healthy and not struggling with the open fridge door as much as we are here! I swear...I'm in a constant state of fullness! lol 


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by Michele Mueller, Artist
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